Clean, disinfect and allow the part to dry
to be treated before application.

1 Shake the can well before use.

2 Grasp the dispenser with the fingers while removing the cap.

3 Keep the can UPSIDE DOWN and position the nozzle between the index and middle fingers, then press the button using both fingers.

4 Spray in direct contact with the area to be treated in the case of small skin cracks, or at a distance of approximately half a centimetre in the case of medium/large skin cracks. The spray dries on the skin in 40 seconds and forms a protective film, similar to a transparent, water-repellent plaster. Each spray delivers the single dose required for one dressing. Repeat the process for further cover if necessary. Repeat the application once a day.

Each delivery gives rise to the only dose needed to make a dressing. Repeat the process for further coverage if necessary. Renew the application once a day.

prevents the formation of skin cracks

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